Date Published: 02-08-2017

I guess in our last Wednesday Wisdom post, we gave you interview tips in the way that we told you what not to do or say. This time, however, we’re going to try and make you as prepared as possible and give you a bit of advice on what you should do and say in an interview.

  • Dress smartly – First impressions count so make sure you’re wearing a suit, including tie regardless of the job. That little bit of effort into your appearance will do you favours.
  • Bring a copy of your CV with you – It’ll be handy to have a copy in front of you to refer back to when asked about things that the interviewer has read on your CV.
  • Research the company – This may seem obvious, but it’s incredible how many people go to interviews and haven’t researched properly. Try to familiarise yourself with not only what the company does, but things like: Size, locations, who owns it, any sister or parent companies and anything else that could be helpful.
  • Good body language – Everything from the first greeting of a smile and handshake to how you sit during the interview counts. A good firm handshake, keep smiling (although not grinning) and sitting straight will all give the interviewer a good impression of you.
  • Develop Rapport – Maybe the interviewer has something on their desk that’s relatable, or mentions something that interests you or that you have in common; relate to it and make conversation. Of course, don’t go off on a tangent but you could increase your chances if you get on well, on a personal level.
  • Don’t ramble – When asked a question, answer properly. Give yourself a couple of seconds to think about what you want to say so you can be clear and concise.
  • Ask questions – There’s always without fail a section at the end of an interview where you’re given the opportunity to ask questions so make sure you have at least 3 as a rule of thumb, and also don’t be afraid to ask questions during the interview.

There you go, our top interview tips! When you get an interview through Cooper Lomaz, our consultants will coach you through it and ensure that you’re fully prepared before you go.

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